Installation & Maintenance

Choosing A Fitter

We recommend that you select a tiler / stone fixer / landscaper that has a portfolio of work behind them similar to the products you have chosen, along with the necessary equipment. Although we have written some general guidelines below it is the tiler or fitter that takes ultimate responsibility for the installation.

Delivery Of  Your Order

Ensure in advance that there is good access to the property. Most orders arrive on a large articulated lorry, therefore it is important that you tell us if there is any restricted access as this may require a different vehicle to be booked. The delivery driver will use a pump truck to deliver your goods as close to the property as possible. The goods will be delivered on a pallet or in a crate, which the driver will leave with you. The tiles and paving should then be kept in a dry place

Checking & Signing For Your Order

Before signing the delivery note, have a quick check of your order for any obvious signs of damage. If all looks in good order, sign the delivery note. If you can see any damages, then please note this on the delivery note. Please let us know of any problems or discrepancies as soon as possible, prior to installation.

Preparing Your Tiles For Installation

It is important to remove any dust from the tiles, front and back prior to fitting. Stone should be laid on a flat level surface, ideally concrete. Please take further appropriate advice if tiling on to a timber substrate or a heated floor. Any wet areas should be appropriately tanked. Stone tiles should be cut using a water fed tile cutter with a diamond tipped blade.

Installation Of Natural Stone Tiles

We can supply all tile adhesive, grout and anything required for fixing. This should be a good quality flexible adhesive in white for light coloured stone, or grey for darker stone. It is important that the manufacturers instructions are read and followed.

Natural stone should never be ‘dot and dabbed’, the back of each tile should be completely covered with adhesive using a trowel, removing any excess with a damp cloth straightaway. Use hand pressure to level the stone.

Sealing Natural Stone Tiles

After your stone tiles have been installed (before grouting) your fitter should clean the tiles and then apply an impregnating sealant. A second coat of either impregnating sealant or a topical sealant (depending on the stone type) should be applied after grouting.


Grout should be applied approximately 1-2 days following fitting to ensure the tiles have fully dried. Dark grout is not recommended for lighter stone tiles as it may cause staining.
The grout manufacturer’s instructions should be read and followed. Ensure the grout is suitable for the joint width that has been used. Masking tape should not be used as this may also cause staining. Any excess grout should be wiped away before it begins to dry. Once the grout is fully dry, wash the floor with an appropriate detergent and fully dry it once again before applying the subsequent layer of sealant.

Caring For Your Floor

Selecting the correct stone for your lifestyle is essential, and as long as you have the right tile the maintenance does not necessarily have to be too taxing.
A matt at the entrance and exit areas will avoid any grit scratching the floor. Regular sweeping and vacuuming will ensure dirt does not get trapped in to the stone. Our specialist LTP cleaning products are highly recommended as they are made for stone. Stone will naturally wear over the years and may accumulate dirt. Therefore we recommend a deeper clean approximately every 3-4 years. This can be done by employing a professional or purchasing a more heavy-duty cleaner from our LTP range.

Products That Should NEVER Be Used On Stone

Bleach or bleach-based products, acid or alkali based products, Cillit Bang, washing up liquid, steam cleaners and de-greasing detergents.

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