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Formed from cooled compacted magma, basalt is created from the residual effect of a volcano. As a tile or paving, they provide a hard wearing and practical surface. Our basalt has cool, crisp lines perfect for a contemporary look both inside and out.

CladFX Wall Cladding

A natural stone wall cladding system uniquely designed for ease of installation. Providing a unique feature wall suitable for use inside and out. Each piece measures 600 x 150mm with corner pieces available for edges. Available in a range of colours.


An igneous rock that is extremely hard wearing and versatile, which makes it suitable for so many applications in both residential and commercial environments. Granite lends itself to many finishes and can take an extremely high buff polish. Relatively consistent for a natural stone material, granite can be used for high traffic areas as well as exterior cladding. Although many colours can be found around the world, the most popular colour range used in the UK is from light grey to black.


A sedimentary stone widely used for floor and wall tiles. Limestone can give an understated chic look, giving that feel of luxury and superior quality without the obvious opulence of marble. With its earthy colour pallet, the finish can determine the overall effect. Choose between honed finish for a smooth contemporary look, very popular in London apartments and around swimming pools or a tumbled finish for the authentic flag stone appearance that is exceptionally popular.


A hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish. Marble is a timeless and classic stone which has always been synonymous with luxury and elegance, there is no substitute for the real thing. Marble is often characterised by its veining which is often in contrast to the base colour. Predominantly found in a polished, high sheen form, we can also supply this stone in a honed finish, giving a more practical finish for wet areas, such as bathrooms, without compromising on the overall design.


A classic sedimentary rock used in domestic construction since prehistoric times. Sandstone is characterised by its granular surface, its general minerals makeup is the same whether the sandstone is quarried in the UK or India. In fact, Indian sandstone flags are the widest used residential paving material in this country. We stock a full range of Indian sandstone including the popular fettled edge, in both traditional hand cut as well as fully calibrated. In recent years, sawn sandstone has become an increasingly popular paving option for contemporary designed homes. Our sandstone paving is available in a wide selection of colours, finishes and sizes.


A traditionally used material for flooring, paving and wall cladding. Slate can uniquely provide both a contemporary and traditional finish like no other material. Hard wearing, and available in the darker spectrum of colours. Its texture and tone makes it very easy to tell the real thing from the fakes. Available in a cleft or riven finish which both provide excellent slip resistance, and honed metallic quartz slates for sheen and depth.


A charming popular stone owing to its natural colour pallet that seems to lend itself to any environment. Honed and Filled travertine is by far the most widely used finish, perfect for bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens. Travertine can be cut along the vein, like a marble. However, the cut we commonly associate with travertine is one where it has been cut across the veins causing natural holes in the stone. The holes are filled with a resin at the factory to give a smooth non polished finish. We also stock a natural effect travertine which is unfilled with perfectly chipped edges. This gives an rustic charm.

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