Glossary of Stone Terms


A method of ageing stone using metal brushed giving the stone a soft textured finish.


When the thickness of a tile or flag has been cut to an exact depth.

Chiselled Edge

A form of distressing the edges of stone in order to give them a more rugged, textured and aged appearance.


Referrers specifically to our Brazilian slate, where the face of the tiles have a natural uneven texture on the surface.

Cross Cut

This term relates to the way Travertine has been cut from the block and means it has been cut across the vein, this is the predominant cut and finish of travertine used in this country.


This term related mainly to travertine and referrers to the process of filling the holes with a resin to seal up the natural hole in the stone left when cutting it across the vein.


The mechanical smoothing of stone that gives a matt finish.



Referring to the mechanical buffing of a stone to achieve a high gloss finish. The level of polish achievable varies from stone to stone. This finish is most often found on granite and marbles.

Riven or Rivened

A natural bumpy tecture most often found on slate and sandstone. Similar to ripples on the water.


A product or finish with a natural rugged charm. More likely found in country cottages and traditional style properties.


This is process whereby stone is aged to resemble a worn finish. The stone is spun in a tumbling machine leaving a soft texture and a rounded edge.


Often referring to travertine that has been cross cut and left in its natural state, i.e not filled with resin.

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